Akta Aluminium Foil 

 Product Features 

  • Aluminum foil products are usually used to cover food products or cover the tray in baking dishes. However, aluminum foil products have many uses area. For example; There is a need for foils in various fields such as hair making in hairdressers, sharpening knives or scissors, easily removing rust stains and polishing silverware.

  • In addition to household foil, Akta aluminum foil is used in insulation, cigarette boxes, decoration, on cables, on the mouths of closed boxes such as wrinkled cups and flat lid to provide protection.

  • Akta aluminum foils are produced in accordance with the standard and quality of the product in contact with food without touching it.

  • Thanks to the thickness of the aluminum foil that we produce, the strength is high.

  • Special production can be made in desired thickness, length and weight according to the demand of our customers.

 14 micron Aluminium Foil 

30 cm 2500 gr 

30 cm 2500 gr 162 meter

45 cm 2500 gr 

45 cm 2500 gr 109 meter

30 cm 800 gr