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 AKTA Food Stretch Film 

Product Features 

  • Akta stretch film; It can be used safely in food industry such as hotel, restaurant, buffet, deli, fast food companies, butchers, pastry shops.

  • It is durable and easily adheres to surfaces.

  • Thanks to the structure and composition of the food stretch film provides the passage of 02 and c02. This allows the product to remain fresh and look good for longer.

  • Akta stretch film, which is nine microns thick, is thicker, stronger and more flexible compared to other standard eight micron stretch films on the market.

  • It prevents the mixing of different food smels and spreading to the environment.

  • Helps keep food fresh for longer.

  • The products are produced in accordance with the standard and quality of the product in contact with food. Production is required by machines without hands.

  • Akta food stretch film is produced by paying attention to hygiene.The production takes place in special rooms with epoxy floors, special vacuum doors, easy wipable paneling walls.

  • We have two different sizes of Akta Food Stretch Film.

  • The cutter knife was added to the box as a gift to the users of Akta Food Stretch Film.


300 meter 30 cm Food Stretch Film 

9 micron 30 cm 300 meter

300 meter 45 cm Food Stretch Film 

9 micron 45 cm 300 meter

160 meter 30 cm Food Stretch Film